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DogPens-4Less is your most trusted source when it comes to Dog Pens! We have a very comprehensive collection of Exercise Dog Pens which can be used indoor or outdoor. Many can be used in conjunction with a dog crate, providing greater flexibility. Dog Pens are not just for dogs, our products have great versatility too, which allows them to cater to rabbits, turtles and other pets as well. The Dog Pens are made of heavy gauge wire. You can guarantee that our quality dog pens will give that extra security and safety you are looking for. Many can handle various dog sizes for they are offered in different heights, from 24" tall to 48" tall. They coming in three main series, the Black E-Coat, Black E-Coat with a door and the Gold Series Exercise witha door as well. Dog Pens with a built in door provide dual latches for tighter security. Do not believe? Try it for yourself today!

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Dog Pens Information

Not only are we offering reliable containment, our dog pens can offer a play are or a place for training as well. Your dog will surely appreciate the fun and comfort that they can experience when inside one of our products. Many of our dog exercise play pens are set up in a standard octagon configuration, but setting it up in a square configuration will allow each exercise pen to have a top to prevent dog that will climb and jump from being able to escape.

Pen Tops are used to provide extra security to keep your dog in and intruders out. We offer three different top options; a secured wire mesh top, and a sun shade top to prevent heat exhaustion. The most secured of these is the wire mesh top that is attached with metal bolt snaps, bolt snaps are included. The sun shade top is ideal for outdoor use to keep your dog cool and prevent debris from entering the pen. The sun shade top is attached thru brass grommets by plastic strap ties, all included.

Many customers prefer to complement their exercise/play dog pens with one of our dog crates where the play pen can easily be attached. This is a great for new puppies as well as older dogs so that they can be comfortably crated and can safely exercise.

Here are some more benefits of owning one of our Dog Pens…

  • Your dog will understand the importance of discipline and the hierarchy of dominance.
  • You can trust that your dog is both safe and secure.
  • Your dog will not fill as isolated or restricted, as they would in a crate alone.
  • Dogs are more likely to wait to go to the bathroom when confined to smaller quarters.
  • With Dog Pens, your dog will have fewer behavioral problems like; excessive barking or chewing.

Remember, these dog pens are not just for dogs.
They can be used for all sizes of animals and pets.

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